FINALLY, a proven way to map out your first quarter of social media in just 2 days using the JUICY SOCIAL MEDIA METHOD.

During this 2 day workshop, you will create a social media plan that will bring you clients and raving fans even if you don’t know where to start.


Chicago, IL 

January 15 & 16, 2020

& mini-photoshoot on the 17th


*By application only. Limited to 25 online business owners & fitness professionals.

I want to be there!

How to sell on social media without using ads, even if you don’t have an audience yet.

Discover the step-by-step way to plan your first quarter social media content calendar to support you in growing an engaged audience on social media so that you can grow your impact & income. 2020 is approaching fast. Planning your social media can feel like a daunting task that is easier pushed aside than tackled. Stop the dread and feel empowered through the information and planning at this 2 day workshop.

Are you saying “hell yes” when you read any of these?

Are you...

Feeling embarrassed that your social media doesn’t reflect your level of influence or what you really do.

Do you...

Have moments of inspiration but you ultimately can’t find the time to keep your social media campaign active.

Maybe you...

Have no idea where to even start when it comes to building your social media audience, let alone being able to use it to market your business.

Now imagine this instead…

  • You have a clear social media plan for Q1 of your business!
  • You are proud to show your pages to peers & clients. Your message is clear, you are seen as an influencer, and you are creating IMPACT.
  • You have a strategy for your social media campaign. You are creating consistent content that is providing value & is being executed each day. You never run out of ideas or ways to start conversations!
  • Your social media tribe is growing organically, bringing you in qualified leads, and showcasing you as the expert you truly are.

Hear from Todd Durkin...

Todd has been a client with Authentic Influence Media from the beginning. He has seen significant growth & success since working with us. Take a listen as he introduces Jess at his recent event where he had her as a keynote speaker.



*By application only. Limited to 25 online business owners and fitpros.

Workshopping on 
January 15th & 16th!

Mini-photoshoot with Jess
on January 17th in Chicago, IL!

$2,997 or 2 payments of $1,697!


Some of our clients include:

Online business owners
Fitness professionals
Event coordinators & planners
Franchise owners
Business strategists

Hear what people are saying...


Over these 2 days, you will FINALLY:

  • Learn how to leverage platforms strategically so that you can stop spending hours spinning your wheels on where to start.
  • Get expert feedback on your work so that you aren’t wondering “Am I even doing this right?”
  • Stop feeling like “I suck at Instagram!”, show up like a pro, & have social media support the bottom line of your business.
  • Learn how to have your ideal client see your posts & videos and say “She/He totally gets me” so that they know they can buy from you.
  • Be part of a like-minded community that can give you feedback & support you in growing your network.
  • Have a dedicated two days to FOCUS on moving the needle forward in your social media strategy.
  • BONUS: Walk away with 15 images of you so that you can get started implementing right away!
  • Learn from our team who is implementing high-level strategy on a regular basis to implement into your business NOW!

Get feedback from our team of strategists!


The reason that there is only 25 spots for this workshop is so that we can ensure that you can get feedback on what you are creating.

Will you join us in Chicago?

Hotel Allegro is a historic hotel in the heart of the loop! It's the perfect home base for fun and frivolity in downtown Chicago, Millennium Park, State Street, Grant Park, and the Chicago River. Did we mention one of the best Theatre Districts in the country is just a stone's throw away?

January 15-17th, 2019
Day 1: 9am – 7pm
Day 2: 9am – 7pm
Day 3: Call times will be given for the photoshoot as slots fill up

More Details & Link For Discounted Hotel Pricing Will Be Shared After Your Apply.


If after day 1, you did not see the value in being at our workshop, you can let us know and we will reimburse you for your ticket.

I’m so ready, Jess!

Want to bring a team member or business partner?

We commonly train & support internal marketing teams, assistants, and social media managers in creating the highest level strategy for your business. If you are interested in bringing a team member or business partner, ask us about our special pricing!

Are you ready to...

  • Finally, learn how to talk to your ideal client.
  • Learn WHERE your ideal client is hanging out on social media.
  • Gain clarity on WHERE you should be hanging out online.
  • Map out the first quarter of your social media content.
  • Create a shot list of video & photo content that you will then learn how to put into your content calendar.
  • Put your lives on the calendar.
  • BONUS: mini-photo shoot with content creator Zach Sparrazzo on January 17th

"After months of feeling stressed out by social media and too overwhelmed to post regularly, Jess helped me form a strategy that actually has me feeling inspired to consistently show up for my audience. Her expertise gave me the mindset shift as well as practical advice I needed to clear my block around social media and get back to creating content that’s both valuable to my community and exciting to make! I recommend her services to anyone in need of a social media strategy that’s engaging and soul-fulfilling."

Megan Sadd
Vegan Chef & Best Selling Author

"Jess is such a joy to work with! She is intelligent, hard-working and compassionate. She takes the time to understand your goals and gives you realistic solutions and strategies to attain them. Digital marketing, specifically social media marketing, is something that continues to change and evolve every minute of every day. Jess makes sure to stay up to date on the latest tactics, algorithms, trends and topics, to provide her clients the best results possible. She takes the time to get to know your business and develop a social media voice that will resonate with your consumer base and prompt them to engage with your content. This helps to establish trust in your brand, which results in a higher click-through rate for an e-mail marketing campaign, more traffic to your website, an increase in audience on your social media channels and much more. If you are clear and realistic with your goals, Jess can help you achieve them, and it doesn’t hurt that she is such a lady boss that knows how to be a team player AND get it done!"

Jenna Rameriz
Influencer Marketing Manager

"When you work with Jess you not only get her amazing talent, but you get passion with every project. Her expertise in social media has significantly improved my knowledge on all things social from my personal accounts to my general perspective at my advertising agency. Through working with Jess, you will not just see amazing results, but you will gain a friend. If you’re looking for a great leader to take on your projects, I highly recommend Jess Jacobsen!"

Hanna Cannell
Senior Account Executive, Grey New York


Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We would be happy to accomodate you in making 2 separate payments of $1697 each. Please email our team at [email protected] so we can set this up for you. 

That is OK! Everyone starts somewhere. You can absolutely use these strategies to build up your audience. In fact, this is the right place to learn how to build a strong foundation for your business.

You do not! We will be there to walk you through the process. That is why we have limited the workshop to 25 online business owners and fitness professionals.

Absolutely not! We have worked with clients with audiences that are in the millions. These strategies will help you no matter where you are. This will be a small group, so we will be there to support you with any specific things that come up.

Your social media is KEY in ANYTHING you want to do in your business. Whether you want to be a speaker, sell out your program, scale your team, write a book… you need an audience! You need to start taking it seriously because social media isn’t going anywhere. We are here to support you in knowing WHERE to start and focus in.

YES! It definitely is cold in January here in Chicago. It makes for the PERFECT weather to GSD (get stuff done)! It also allows for much more affordable travel for YOU. Our hotel is beautiful and has lots of amazing indoor opportunities right in the area! See a play, catch a comedy show at Second City! If you need help planning your trip, we are here for you.

We will present an opportunity to move forward with our team. We are always 100% open and honest with you about who is a good fit and who is not.

No matter where you are at in your business, you need to be heavily involved in your social media campaign in order for it to be a success. You can absolutely bring your assistant with you, we have special pricing for that. If you aren’t sure, apply and we will help you figure out the best solution.

Yes! Our videographer extraordinaire Zach Sparrazzo will be filming the event. That being said, for this round, you have to be present to be at the workshop. We will not be live streaming the event. We may release the recording for sale at a later date.

We highly recommend that you make it happen! We know how incredible this will be for you if you are in need. That being said, we do have other workshops happening in 2020 so email [email protected] if you are interested but cannot make this date happen.


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